About the Artist

The artwork of Jacqueline Gelfuso Gallo explores the interconnectivity of the natural world, the spiritual world, and the human world by combining traditional and modern techniques of image-making. Inspired by ancient folklore, New England heritage, and the branching, growing, layered gifts of the Earth, she strives to stimulate curiosity and inspire a deeper connection to the natural beauty and wonder around us.


Jacqueline Gelfuso Gallo lives on the East End of Long Island. She has earned a BFA and MFA, both with a concentration in drawing and painting. She has also earned an M.A. Ed in Art Education. A native New Englander, Jackie relocated to Long Island in the summer of 2006 completing her master's program at the Hartford Art School. Combined, she has fifteen years of experience as a professor of fine arts, as well as, K-12 art education..


Currently, Jackie teaches high school art full time in addition to working in her home studio. She has exhibited her two-dimensional work in New England, New York, and Italy. Her jewelry has been featured in craft magazines and within local craft galleries. When she’s not in her studio, Jackie loves spending time with her husband and two kitties, visiting family in New England, practicing guitar, and kayaking in Vermont or Western Mass (her happy places). Passionate about nature, you can almost always find her in the forest on a trail. 

"Study nature, love nature,
stay close to nature.  
It will never fail you."
Frank Lloyd Wright

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